Divi vs Generatepress 2021 | Which One Is Worth The HYPE?

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Curious to know which one is a better WordPress theme? Read here our detailed comparison on Divi vs Generatepress theme and know which one is suitable for you.


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Pricing $80/yr $59/yr
Best for

Anyone willing to get a robust theme with various designs and layouts.

End users, developers, designers, agencies

  • In-Line Editing
  • 300+ templates
  • 46+ Content Modules
  • Modular
  • Small catalog
  • Compatible with major page builders
  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Drag and Drop
  • No need of Page Builders
  • Clean code
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Lacks Popup Builder
  • Very Few Demo Sites
Ease of Use

Easy to use but some options are overwhelming.

GeneratePress is lightweight and easy to use as well but it has less customization.

Value For Money

Divi has an yearly pricing plan and a lifetime subscription plan. Affordable Pricing Options.

The free version is more of a demo with limited options, but the Pro has most of what you would need.

Customer Support

With many support channels, for most issues, Divi will have you covered.

GeneratePress is very cognizant of supporting their customers and users and people seem to love it.

Check out Check out

Divi and GeneratePress are the two most completely powerful theme providers for WordPress and have some very different features with various multipurpose themes.

If you want detailed insight into Divi Theme then check out our Divi Theme Review.

Let’s dive in and find out who dominates the other.

Divi is balanced and is deemed to be in one of the tops and is the most reliable, and advanced theme which is really popular among WordPress Developers. It is created by Elegant themes.

A flagship theme consisting of advanced features, hundreds of different templates, editing options, toolbars, and many more customizations.

Constant updates, new features like drag and drop page building, and many more improvements are the main reason for Divi to maintain its position at the top level.

GeneratePress is another explicit WordPress theme usually preferred by many clients. GeneratePress is a versatile theme active over more than three hundred thousand websites.

Bottom Line Upfront: Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete design framework that lets you design and customize every part of your website from the bottom to top. You will have control over everything down to the finest detail. Create the perfect websites for you and your clients. These details are the reason that Divi is better than Generate Press. Get started with Divi today,

It mainly focuses on the performance and tries to give the best user accessibility which stores all the codes like javascript, HTML in a small space for faster loading speeds.

Divi vs GeneratePress 2021: Overview


Divi is a decent choice if you need the page to be distinct and ingenious as if something out of the box without any specific software installation or need to code things.

Divi Overview- Divi vs GeneratePress

Everything is perfectly customizable and is easily accessible to users to operate and design.


In terms of speed and simplicity, GeneratePress takes the lead. With a speed rating of 9.8/10, pages load lightning fast. Hence, it is compared to one of the fastest on the internet.

GeneratePress Overview - Divi vs GeneratePress


Let’s read further between Divi vs GeneratePress and see who leads the competition.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Who leads the competition?

Both have their own specialties and drawbacks. We can come to a conclusion only after knowing the features, user interface, requirements, and specifications.

By comparing the individual features, specifications, and all other factors of comparison, we can get a clear view.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Design module

Choosing from various designs and with more than 50 different elements to design the page one can create a completely different and enticing page with Divi.

Designs can be personally saved for reuse and modifications can also be made anytime after publishing the page.


Divi has more than 800 pre-designed formats and 404 templates with no-cost access to icons and pictures.

Many more characteristics like animations, magic color, filters, bulk editing as well as code editing, keyboard shortcuts, border editor, and many more are also easily accessible.


On the contrary, GeneratePress has a modest and sophisticated design with understandable and simple formatting tools.

One can customize the topography of the page by wielding the customizer but to access all the characteristics we need to buy the premium version.

We can compose custom-made formats by controlling margins, padding, and sidebar. To begin with, GeneratePress offers you more than 25 pre-designed and completely constructed sites to specify from, where few of them are also compatible with Elementor and Beaver builder.

Sticky navigation, mobile header, menu icons, Header merge are also included in the settings.


When it comes to designing Divi is a clear champion in this case as it covers more modules of designing with a modern look and straightforward editing, customization efficiently.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Faster loading

It is known that we might lose a lot of traffic because of longer loading times.


GeneratePress gives a light and sleek theme with a size of less than 30kb. As in performance, GeneratePress took loading speed as a serious problem and it delivers a very fast loading interface.

GeneratePress doesn’t even have render-blocking problems as it employs advanced Vanilla Javascript to enhance the page


Design and features used in Divi are advanced compared to GeneratePress; it occupies a larger space and loading speed gets reduced.

Generally, it is recommended to use separate plugins with Divi like WP Rocket and CDN to boost the performance.

Even after speed optimization, Divi has a low-speed performance.


Hence GeneratePress loads lightning-fast and is a sleek and light theme compared to Divi.

Divi vs GeneratePress: User access Interface And Ease of access

This is a crucial factor when it comes to building and designing pages efficiently. Themes that deliver easy user access and design interface are always recommended by most of the clients but professionals tend to take up complicated ones that give them a more elegant and unique page design.


Divi provides you full access to edit, custom, construct, and model the webpage with your own and distinct ideas. The creators wanted to furnish an outstanding user experience with this theme and hence a total and brief description is given for each and every single function so that a rookie can effortlessly understand all the functions and can build everything from the beginning. 

The live preview customizer lets us edit and design by viewing the actual preview.


GeneratePress is easy to understand and is actually very simple to use all the tools. The pro version also offers modules with different tools and settings.

It is 100 percent simple for beginners and is perfect for non-coders as everything can be accomplished without the use of a single line of code. It is also included with the hook feature to actually edit directly with the CSS or HTML code of the specific area.


GeneratePress leads Divi when it gets to the simplicity of access as it has simple and precise settings. As compared both are on the same page what users have recommended GeneratePress when it comes to easier options.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Drag and Drop Builder

In any page builder, one of the vital tools is the drag and drop builder. It simplifies your work by giving all the tools you prefer in front of you in a bar which can be moved anywhere in the screen and all the required elements, blocks are already given in the drag and drop builder box.


Divi Theme- Divi vs Generate pres

Divi has a separate drag and drop builder and has a special visual editor rather than a conventional WordPress editor which helps to give incredible and extraordinary designs. The options are simple and straightforward to understand. One can undo and rework your design anytime.


GeneratePress has a very simple and small page builder with not many choices. If you need an unrefined and simple drag and drop builder. GeneratePress is the most advised one. To use the drag and drop page builder premium access to GeneratePress is required.

To use the drag and drop builder it must be enabled in the sections option.


With the drag and drop page builder one can put in several sections, media file boxes, content boxes, links, images.

One can decide and customize your own layouts and compose it in your own manner to develop a remarkable and elegant page.

Divi is a clear victor in this case when contradicted to GeneratePress is due to the availability of numerous customizable options and ease of control.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Optimized SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

To get a good amount of audience your page’s SEO should be perfectly optimized. The more optimized your SEO would be, the better your page would rank.

Hence if your article comes in top search results. It would attract a lot more traffic than other articles. 


Divi lands with plugins to optimize SEO like Yoast for your articles with decent configurations to edit meta boxes and identify the optimization score and also identify factors that affect the score and improvements required to optimize the SEO of your article.

Divi Seo Optimized


Compare to Divi, GeneratePress is a favorable choice because it has one of the promising SEO friendly themes in WordPress.

Mainly due to the latest standard and coding software used also are well structured.

GeneratePress Seo Optimized

The light theme utilizes small CSS and JavaScript files which helps in faster loading and quicker loading times.

The code is solely integrated which gives ease of understanding.

With new and different looks, GeneratePress gives a reasonable user experience and reduces bounce.


In this case, GeneratePress meets your expectations.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Woocommerce experience

Nowadays people prefer online shopping as we can view millions of products by just sitting at a place and get the products delivered at our doorstep. Especially in the last 5 years, the Woocommerce business has taken a big turnover.


Divi delivers a platform to sell products at no extra cost. It is compatible with the Woocommerce plugin without the need for a requirement of a premium subscription. We can exhibit unlimited products for sale where Divi provides an easy interface to browse and buy things.


GeneratePress requires a Woocommerce addon to be installed and generated to use e-commerce. The e-commerce feature is accessible in the premium section of GeneratePress.

Online Store customization can be accomplished as per our preference.


So Divi outstands GeneratePress in this aspect as it gives a fully designed Woocommerce builder and special customization as per requirement where we can exhibit unlimited items and increase the web sales.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Customer care

We all might face different problems when it comes to sites irrespective of the site. We need a group of experts to solve your problem via mail, chat, or call. 


Divi provides a live chat service. The customer care executives are knowledgeable and you can receive quick assistance and get instant solutions through live chat.

Divi Support

You can ask your queries on Divi‘s Facebook group where you can get suggestions from hundreds of professionals and past and experienced clients

They also have a community forum where queries get resolved easily as there is already a number of questions asked from previous users and sufficient replies from other people and customer support.


Similar to Divi, GeneratePress has quite a quick response. You can seek help from the GeneratePress forum and contact form. They try to reply as soon as possible with an explanation to your query.

GeneratePress Support

In fact, the lead developer himself offers solutions to the questions.


Both provide excellent customer support and it’s really tough to make a decision on which is better. Hence, it’s a tie between both Divi and GeneratePress.

Divi vs GeneratePress: The Best Marketing Feature

Marketing features Divi

  • Email support: We can easily construct a list with custom fields and enables us to obtain information from our contacts.
  • Price tables: We can easily make convincing and appealing sales pages for your merchandise. Everything can be easily arranged by pricing tables and the entire information is stored without any hassle. 
  • A/B split test: All the content is A/B tested with the inbuilt tester available in Divi and the most fitted design and content is chosen for better output and to stimulate the rate of conversion.
  • Contact form builder:  Wielding the modern features one can handily create a contact form with lots of inputs and pre-designed forms such that you don’t need to make everything from scratch.

Marketing features GeneratePress

GeneratePress doesn’t offer any marketing features 

hence Divi is a clear winner in this case. 

To implement Marketing schemes we specifically need to use hooks, CSS, or PHP codes to comply with the requirements.

Divi vs GeneratePress: Social media access

By using Divi’s premium plan one can include social media plugins and include social media icons on your site in the form of plugins, pop-ups, and sidebars.

It supports social media plugins like 

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest 
  • AOL
  • Yahoo mail and many more

It deals with more than 30 social network plugins.

GeneratePress doesn’t offer any special type of social media plugins. They depend on external plugins to utilize a social share. 

Divi vs GeneratePress: Pocket friendly or money-draining?

It is not necessary that a costly theme will be a promising one or a low-cost theme would have issues or have limited features. It anyhow depends on your budget and benefits which one to choose.


Divi has two pricing plans one which is billed annually and the other which is a single purchase plan. Let’s have a look over the services provided by Divi under the subscription.

Divi Pricing

The annual subscription comes at $70 a year and the lifetime subscription comes at $199.

  • Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch access.
  • Hundreds of website packages
  • Constant Product updates
  • Premium support
  • Unlimited website usage
  • Risk-free guarantee

If you are checking out for a long period deal and are a proficient business proprietor or a business marketer. Divi would be preferable over GeneratePress.

Divi proposes a 30-day money-back promise if you are not assured by the performance and assistance.

Divi has a special discount of 20% on the exclusive offer.


 GeneratePress has a single plan. When you wish to upgrade to the premium plan just get the annual plan and get access to all premium modules and features.

GeneratePress also gives a 30-day money-back assurance if not fulfilled with the expected standards. 

The premium plan comes in $55 a year with a 10% discount on yearly billing.

GeneratePress is a clear winner with no hidden taxes and it offers a 40% discount on yearly renewal.

Quick Links

FAQs: Divi vs GeneratePress

👉 Which one is better, Divi vs GeneratePress?

Divi is better for professionals and comparing the SEO's, it clearly dominates GeneratePress. Whereas GeneratePress is a compact theme and is adequate for novices with simple settings and ease of usage.

👉 Which one should I consider between Divi vs GeneratePress if I want to get more traffic on my site?

GeneratePress is recommendable as it has faster loading speed which people glance for and is more SEO friendly compared to Divi. Hence, it is advisable to get GeneratePress for more traffic on your sites.

👉 Which one is recommended to use for better designing and out of the box look between Divi vs GeneratePress?

As seen in the features we can clearly tell that Divi is a promising option as it covers more modules of designing with a fresh look and simple editing, customization efficiently.

Conclusion: Divi vs GeneratePress

When we start with designing directly with Divi we face difficulties like timeout errors, speed optimization as many plugins are to be wielded due to shortcodes and incomplete codes to meet our requirements.

GeneratePress offers rapid loading websites with accuracy and wielding several elements that give the best user experience.

GeneratePress gives a sleek experience and is also recommendable over Divi for novices but for smart features, Divi is a clear preference. For long-term use in terms of price, it is better to opt for Divi as its lifetime plan can save a lot of money.

Divi gives ease of accessibility when we correlate the drag and drop builder as there are a bunch of choices in Divi when related to GeneratePress. With an inbuilt Woocommerce plugin, Divi is suggested for e-commerce uses as it also offers unlimited product display and does not require any special plugin or hook. 

The Woobuilder arrives with pre-built characteristic features such as product layout through different Woocommerce modules. Divi has included social media plugins in their site without having to install any separate database.

We cannot come to a direct conclusion to know which is the best as it all depends on user requirements, experience, needs, and budget.  So if you are looking for a sleek, simple low budget, and user-friendly experience.

You should opt for GeneratePress. As it has a straightforward and simple interface it is likewise recommended for learners.

If you are looking for a decent experience, competent design, for professional business. Simply go with Divi. For Marketing features, Divi is the fairest choice as it furnishes features like email assistance, pricing tables, and A/B testing.

And both are equally compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin.

If you are looking for a decent experience, competent design, for professional business. Simply go with Divi. For Marketing features, Divi is the fairest choice as it furnishes features like email assistance, pricing tables, and A/B testing.

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51 thoughts on “Divi vs Generatepress 2021 | Which One Is Worth The HYPE?”

  1. I love the Divi library functionality and that you can designate items as library items that can be used as a template, but that you can designate global items as well. Change the item in the library, and it’s instantly changed everywhere.

    Don’t let the name fool you. Divi is completely customizable. I don’t think of it as themes at all — everything I do is custom. The support is beyond fantastic. I make use of the community posts a lot and frequently find my answers there

  2. Divi has excellent customer support, always available, knowledgeable, and friendly. They’re always Online 24/7 to help to resolve customer’s issues, have a lot of patience and skills.

    I needed a code required for adding a footer to my website. Their customer support gave me the code handy and also taught me how to use it to display footer

  3. Divi isn’t the fastest theme out there, but I’ve actually been impressed with what they’ve done to speed things up. E.g. I’ve tested the Divi Builder against Generatepress a couple of times (Test. 25). Divi is still one of the best page builder themes out there and it’s now as fast as some of the market leaders. The Divi Builder remains one of my favorite WordPress page builder themes if you are looking for a fast-loading

  4. I have taken the Divi visual page builder for a ride and… It’s the BEST!
    Divi is incredibly easy to use.

    The Divi Builder, which was added to Divi 4.0, allows you to create your website on the front-end in real-time. All page elements are customizable easily; it’s all point-and-click.

    Divi comes with over 40 website elements that will assist you in creating a website without any need for additional plugins.
    Overall it works just the way I want, hands down the BEST!

  5. Divi has some undoubtedly best features. Layouts are the creamy features inside Divi. There are 100+ pre-designed layout packs you can use. These are mostly complete designs with varying layouts and color schemes.

    With The Extra Magazine theme, Divi has become more fast and responsive. The Extra theme allows you to insert modules such as countdown timer, comments, call to action, featured images, tabbed posts,  to enhance the design.

  6. I tried all the big builders and Divi is hands down the easiest to set up.

  7. Divi needs huge hosting plans and migration from Elegant themes is quite difficult. The loading time is longer and the backend has some bugs too. The pros of Divi are more but it also has these disadvantages

  8. Divi is a WordPress theme and visual page builder for creating beautiful websites in a short span of time, without any coding knowledge. It is very easy to use that you’ll be making up any type of website in no time.
    It gives access to 100s of premade sites, page layouts, header footer layouts, navigation layouts and Divi theme builder packs.
    In all its works very good and I surely recommend using it.

  9. I have a lifetime Divi membership and I use it regularly, however it is the one stop theme/builder you might at first be led to believe. Header and Footer design and control is very cool. Speed I don’t find a major issue as I have very fast hosting.

  10. GeneratePress is a beautiful, fresh take on the WordPress blogging experience. A humble design with lots of bells and whistles under-the-hood, this premium theme will make your site look more professional and leave an unforgettable impression on potential readers. Whether you’re starting a blog from scratch or looking for a new twist to give old content a fresh feel, GeneratePress can be just what you’re looking for.

  11. GeneratePress is the best beginner theme but Divi will clearly dominate your professional site. Divi has better SEO ratings. Whereas GeneratePress is less expensive and perfect for amateurs with simple settings of ease of use.

  12. My favorite theme for WP. It’s the one that I always install on my blog because it’s simple, easy to use, and works well with other themes. You can do a lot of customization using familiar WordPress shortcuts- editing colors via color theory or icons via font library are just two examples. Overall it really doesn’t come with much in terms of flashy features but this is intentional as GeneratePress is all about fast performance and user friendliness. Highly recommend!

  13. I first downloaded the GeneratePress plugin to see what it was all about, but after I spent time tinkering around with it and customizing my site, I decided that it deserves the best rating possible. Seriously! The color scheme is simple yet elegant. If you want your website to have a tone of professionalism combined with something modern-day, this is for you. It’s different than WordPress because it only has one page builder service where as other services offer multiple plugins to select from.

  14. GeneratePress is perfect for small businesses, bloggers, freelancers, marketers and anyone with a website. It’ll make your work load significantly easier, in my opinion .

  15. Now days, websites have to be responsive and quick if they want to be successful. GeneratePress is all of those things and more! I love the way this product does its job with flair so efficiently it doesn’t even feel like work.

  16. I feel like GeneratePress is actually designed for people like me who don’t want to spend time futzing around with pages and code – it does everything I need it to do.

  17. Now days, websites have to be responsive and quick if they want to be successful. GeneratePress is all of those things and more! I love the way this product does its job with flair so efficiently it doesn’t even feel like work.

  18. “GeneratePress has a pretty, compact design in order to keep you from becoming overwhelmed. I found the formatting tools very easy-to-use and no matter your skill level, you’ll be able to have a professional blog in just a few clicks.”

  19. “GeneratePress is amazing. I used to use Divi, but GeneratePress has some neat features that are surprisingly hard to come by in other WordPress builders.”

  20. Divi is beautiful. Divi is simple. It fits the entire range of my needs, from large-scale to smaller projects, without losing its integrity or taking away any creativity. There are no frills here, but there’s also nothing I don’t need with this big old bag of tricks. Sometimes all you need is a quick “divvy” up website for your band that looks good and functions across all devices with minimal fuss – it would be hard not to recommend Divi for that sort of project.

  21. GeneratePress is not for everyone. For example, people who like to get their hands dirty and want full control of what goes on their site means GeneratePress is not the right choice for them.

  22. I found Divi is very difficult to edit the design of my website, sometimes I feel like I work for Matt here and not me! It’s so frustrating.

  23. As someone who uses Divi on the daily, I can say it is 100% worth the purchase. It’s design is unbeatable and it has features that GeneratePress lacks like live updating instead of refreshing manually. All around, if you need or want to make something look professional, or you are designing a website for yourself as opposed to your business than this editor would be for you. Divi also has more support available online than Generatepress does by far.

  24. It’s so important for your site to load quickly. Not only is it one of the key ranking factors in Google, people are more likely to stay on a page if it doesn’t take too long to show up. GeneratePress takes this concept seriously and packs in features designed from the ground-up with speed at top priority. It makes great use of WordPress Customizer, which I find much easier than fiddling with CSS files, and includes some helpful widgets that make publishing faster and more efficient. This theme has been optimized for mobile browsing as well.

  25. I often see negative comments about Divi and how it’s really complicated. It can be, but I found myself changing the logo and color scheme in 10 minutes. You still have to do some stuff like choose layouts, colors etc., but if you know something about what to expect beforehand, there shouldn’t be any problems.
    But then again that might not work for everyone because they want something simpler than a drag and drop builder for websites where you don’t need much customization done – GeneratePress’s CSS customizations are easier.

  26. GeneratePress is a lightweight and simple WordPress website builder plugin that has essential features. Divi is suited for high-quality professional websites, such as creating the cover of your novel or portfolio website for an artist. Creating a wonderful website just got easier with GeneratePress. If you’re looking for something light and easily-maintained with the essential features, GeneratePress might be the one.

  27. I’ve never had an easier time designing a site. I signed up in the middle of the night because I was so excited to see what it could do when it streamlined my workflow, and after using GeneratePress for about 15 minutes I turned around and submitted all my designs seamlessly through WordPress.

  28. GeneratePress is by far the best WordPress publishing system that I’ve ever come across. Setting up a website and adding products has never been easier. Spend less time dealing with plugins or go ahead and buy this amazing WordPress site generator!

  29. “When GeneratePress launched, I was blown away. It looked great on my screen and didn’t hinder me while using it.”

  30. Unlike other plugins, GeneratePress is easy to understand and is actually very simple to use all the tools. The pro version also offers modules with different tools and settings.

    I couldn’t imagine using another theme, after using GeneratePress!

  31. When I was first looking for a website theme maker, all the options were confusing and hard to understand. I had no idea how customizing my site would work or what a page builder even was.
    Effortless experience: GeneratePress has a modest and sophisticated design with understandable and simple formatting tools, so you can easily make sites that look exactly how you imagined them to. It’s perfect for people who don’t want anything too complicated — just drag-and-drop features.

  32. Divi is so fun. They have great font choices, fantastic layout options, and all the modules one could want to put anything on any page they wanted! It’s so easy breezy.

  33. First off, the CMS is different. Divi has better SEO to rank higher in Google and even major sites like Wix and Weebly use Divi which requires a plugin for an alternative theme. If you’re looking to grow your site quickly this would be ideal whereas GeneratePress can’t handle large volumes of traffic or plugins well (do test them out). If you want to make something simple and easy with almost no effort though GeneratePress may work for you, but if blogging isn’t your thing then honestly I wouldn’t bother.

  34. Divi is a cutting-edge page builder that lets you test the limits of their creativity with no need for coding. No matter your skill level, you can create wonderfully distinct and ingenious layouts in seconds, without asking anybody for help.

  35. Divi is the most designer-friendly theme in market. The best part about it is that you can go from Start screen to done, no need for coding.

  36. Divi is an easy-to-use and versatile tool that allows you to construct beautiful layouts with user-friendly features. I’ve used the Divi theme for several of my clients and it has paid off dividends in time and money by allowing me to be more creative and efficient when building websites. The clean, modern interface with a strong attention to detail has made this one of my favorite tools on the web today. Get organized, find your groove, make amazing sites quicker than ever with no learning curve necessary.

  37. Divi is an amazing tool. I don’t need to know how to code, and the installation of it was easy as pie! At first I was worried that there might be some complicated steps given our school has a policy against downloading anything onto the computers, but my breath flew away when Divi only had a one-time download on us and we were good to go.

  38. This theme has complete features that are not only easy to use but also attractive. There are hundreds of Google fonts, unlimited colors, 100% responsive design that can be viewed on PC or smartphones and there is no worry about the speed because Divi provides you full access to edit, custom, construct it with your own ideas.

  39. Divi is a lifesaver for people who can’t design their way out of a paper bag. You just need to plug in your information and it will generate the perfect all-inclusive website that won’t look like it belongs on an abandon blog. Give Divi a shot!

  40. I have experience with GeneratePress and Divi, so I can compare them. Personally, I prefer to use Divi because of the better SEO. GeneratePress is great for beginners who need a blank slate or if you don’t want all of the styling done automatically.

  41. Divi is one of the best themes. There are so many features packed into this theme it will take you years to explore them all, but I’ll spare you that time by telling you about my favorite ones. Divi’s clean code allows me to customize fonts or upload a background image in seconds without touching any code! That alone is enough to make Divi worth your money.

  42. Divi: “This is the go-to WordPress theme for anyone who has a creative and professional website in mind,” Levi Spencer said. “It offers tons of features and its interface is some of the nicest we’ve seen, making everything easy to use.”
    GeneratePress: If you don’t need all that design power Divi offers but still want a lightweight option, GeneratePress might be just what you’re looking for.

  43. Divi is the perfect theme if you’re looking for powerful, creative control that looks beautiful. This WordPress Theme lets you express your creativity with full access to edit, custom, construct, and model your website with 100% find-ability in mind. Divi makes it so easy to build every detail of your blog or company site without needing programming knowledge or design skills.

  44. As a programmer, I’ve tried every web builder on the market. Divi is by far my favorite because it’s infinitely flexible and gets me great results without the headache of coding. This really feels like an out-of-the-box idea.

  45. Divi is an outstanding theme that makes editing so easy. With fantastic templates, excellent functionality, and a beautiful design, Divi lets beginners build their website without any fear of making mistakes or getting overwhelmed. Giva a shot .

  46. Free things come with fewer features.That’s what is with the GeneratePress free version. You are provided with a few features and customization to design your website. Although it is enough to design a basic website. But a web designer wants more than that. I will not suggest you .

  47. GeneratePress is the only app in its class that offers many different features. For instance, I’m able to easily edit down my content without any glitches since GeneratePress has every option that I need at my fingertips.

  48. I’ve always found WordPress too expensive and unnecessarily difficult to use. My content management system of choice is LinkedIn, but GeneratePress is the next best thing I’ve found. It really gives you an easy way to get your content online even if you don’t have any coding skills or anything else for that matter.

  49. GeneratePress is the easiest designed-to-use WordPress builder I have ever seen. It’s so easy to get started with, anyone can use it right away.

  50. OVERALL COMPARISON: DISAPPOINTED – ★★☆ – NOT what I expected!

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Divi is a WordPress theme, and as such it has to conform with some basic design standards.

    Update: Rhey now say updates are possible but we don’t know how ???? Won’t recommend until we know more.

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