Divi vs Astra 2021 | Which One is the Best WordPress Theme for you

Every WordPress Developer finds it very difficult to choose a particular website theme on which to build the Website and if you are thinking about Divi Vs Astra, then you are at the right place. I bring to you a detailed comparison between Divi and Astra. 


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Pricing $80/yr $47/yr
Best for

Anyone willing to get a robust theme with various designs and layouts.

End users, developers, designers, agencies

  • 100+ Website Templates
  • 46+ Content Modules
  • 350+ Templates
  • Compatible with page builders. Elementor, Beaver Builder
  • Modular
  • Large Catalog
  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Lightweight and Fast
  • Tons of demo sites
  • Lifetime pricing
  • Lacks Popup Builder
  • Slow Customer Support
Ease of Use

Easy to use but some options are overwhelming.

Astra is easy to use and simple to understand. It is a very lightweight theme that is focused on speed.

Value For Money

Customer Support

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If you are one of the developers you might have gone through several platforms to search and find out the best theme for you. Congratulations to you as you have come to the right place. Now your tremendous search will come to an end!!

Through this article, we guide you to choose the best theme that meets your website needs. If you want detailed insight into Divi Theme then check out our Divi Theme Review.

Stick to the article until the end to decide the better of two and suit our professionalism.

Bottom Line Upfront: Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete design framework that lets you design and customize every part of your website from the bottom to top. You will have control over everything down to the finest detail. Create the perfect websites for you and your clients. These details are the reason that Divi is better than Astra. Get started with Divi today,

Let’s start exploring.

Both Divi and Astra are well-known themes that give you high-quality and customized options to make your website better than before.

Divi vs Astra 2021: Overview

Here is a complete comparison between Divi vs Astra. Let’s see which one is better for your usage:


Divi is a multi-purpose flagship WordPress theme from Elegant Themes with more than 6,00,000 active installations. 

This theme is a paid one and has only one version. It comes with prebuilt content and tools to make your website project ready.

You can create any kind of website through this theme. Divi offers you to access everything it possesses plus it offers you a few other themes of Elegant Themes too. Amazing, isn’t it?

Divi Overview- Divi vs Astra

Owing to one version only, it becomes easy to handle and work with.

You can customize every detail of its appearance and work function through the visual interface. It offers you out of the box themes. 

It acts as a theme builder and comes with page templates, user-friendly UI, settings panel, role editor a many down the line.

Divi supports more than 32 languages making it a global theme. 

The complete package of Divi is for everyone from freelancers to website owners.

It has WordPress based layouts that suit any niche including tech, health, beauty, business, eCommerce, and plenty more.

Divi has a WYSIWYG page builder for visual and real-time editing. There are two extra plugins- Bloom and Monarch. 


If you are looking for a multipurpose theme that is free and minimal, your search ends here. This performance-oriented theme offers well integrations with its add-ons. 

This open-source theme was developed on Github in 2017, so any of you can contribute. Astra was built following AA level standards and WCAG 2.O makes it accessibility-ready.

Astra Overview -Divi vs Astra

It is rated 95% by Google developers.

With more than 6,00,000 customers to date, the theme can be enhanced through Astra pro license and premium add-on plugin.

No matter whichever you choose, you will get free access to the library of prebuilt content.

 It is to note that upgrading unlocks more numbers of the contents and extra features as well for your website.

You get a bare theme at first on which you can put any elements of your choice.

Both versions of Astra provide you with third-party page builders for better customization of your content.

It is compatible most prominently with Brizy, Beaver Builder, Elementor.

Price Comparison: Divi vs Astra


There is no free version of Divi and no free trial. You can go by paying an annual subscription or a one-time fee as you like. 

Divi Pricing -Divi vs Astra

  • The annual plan of $89 gives you product updates and constant support for one year.
  • The one-time payment plan of $249 gives you lifetime support and product updates.

Both plans give you access to Elegant Themes products like Bloom, Monarch, Extra, and multiple ready-made packs of websites.

It offers unlimited website usage with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The best thing about the pricing of Astra is that it offers a free plan and upgrading is also cheaper. Let’s have a glimpse of the pricing features.

Astra Pricing -Divi vs Astra

  • Astra pro costs you $47 per year or $249 as a one-time payment.
  • Mini agency bundle costs you $169 per year or $499 as a one-time payment.
  • The Agency bundle costs you $249 per year or $699 as a one-time payment.

The pro plans have accessible features such as extra layouts, white labeling, WooCommerce integrations, new nav menus, headers and footers, typography models, etc.

You get a starter package of the site depending on the pricing tier.

You get constant support and updates until the duration of the subscription ends.

It comes with unlimited website usage and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

The higher package gives access to ultimate add-ons for Builder and Elementor, WP portfolio.


Both Divi and Astra provide you with the roughly same number of designs that you can import with just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a master in coding or design.

The quality is good in both the themes. The starter sites are modern and optimized for mobile viewing. Both of them cover popular niches and look incredible.

Have a look at the designs of the Divi and Astra website pack. 

Features of Divi vs Astra


  1. Divi has real-time visual editing and custom CSS control.
  2. Multipurpose and built-in drag and drop builder for posts and pages.
  3. You can undo, redo, save, and manage designs.
  4. Responsive editing so that your website gets fit on any device.
  5. Reuse the global elements and styles.
  6. Compatible with WooCommerce.
  7. Change images, add effects, and filters for the whole design.
  8. Built-in A/B testing through its builder.
  9. 100-plus layout packs that are important for fast-tracking your site-building.
  10. Theme settings in WordPress.
  11. comes in plugin and theme version.
  12. You can type and search for the option you want. No need for browsing menus.


  1. It plays well with any page builder like Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver builder. There are page builders too but Astra holds the tightest integration with them.
  2. You can use Astra with regular block editors of WordPress. No need to install a page builder.
  3. The markup is SEO friendly.
  4. WooCommerce compatibility.
  5. Real-time customization of your blog and pages.
  6. 280+ unique demo sites available.
  7. Lightweight at 50 KB and loads in 0.5 seconds.
  8. Doesn’t depend on jQuery.
  9. The free version is available at WordPress.org
  10. Complete layout settings.
  11. Follows WCAG 2.0 standards.
  12. You can control color and typography.

Divi vs Astra: Page Builders

Both Divi and Astra can be customized using a powerful drag and drop builder tool that enables you to edit the content or create a unique website on WordPress from scratch. 

Both have a difference in the page builder functionality.


Divi has a visual editor that is produced by Elegant Themes just like the main theme.

You can customize the content using the Drag and Drop visual editor on the Divi Builder page or existing template.

This is a huge upgrade in the world of WordPress editing experience.

You can create layouts of rows and columns and populate them with the selection modules present in WordPress.

You can customize almost everything related to Divi. It is up to you whether you want to keep it in a default state or need some changes.


Astra does not have an in-house page builder tool but relies on other page builders.

For example, Astra Demo sites and templates in those sites have been built with the third-party builder plugins and Gutenberg (the upgraded version).

The only problem is that you can edit some templates with specific page builders like a starter site that can be edited with Elementor.

The team is working to create versions of all available templates that go well with the four-page builders.

To be precise

Divi split testing tools can help you optimize your website and the content it has for better conversion rates. 

Divi theme builder allows you to create custom headers, footers, and other parts of the website outside the page or post are using the visual editor. 

Though the Astra theme allows you to access some of these functionalities and lets you edit the website as a whole but it is clear that Divi gives a higher level of creative freedom. 

While using Astra, you need to learn the uses of third-party builders that make it slightly complicated to use. Divi is more powerful than Astra.

On the contrary, if you are familiar with Astra page builder tools, you will start editing without any delay. For WordPress, both Divi and Astra with third-party plugins are the best editors.

The winner is Divi here as it is more powerful than the Astra theme and its builders combined.

Divi vs Astra: Support

Both Divi and Astra have lots of rich-quality resources to make your website an ideal one. You will find documentation, videos, and tutorials to tell you about the features.

Divi Support- Astra vs divi

You can go to the Facebook groups for both themes.

If you are a Divi license holder you can contact the Elegant themes support through the live chat system. Or you can open an email ticket.

The free version holders of Astra can enquire on the WordPress.org support forums and active license holders can contact via the email help desk.

Astra support

To connect with Divi users, you can attend meetings.

Divi surpasses Astra in this case because it has a huge community and good support. 

How To Install


You can easily install this theme like any other theme on WordPress.

  • After paying for the theme, go to the developer’s website that is Elegant themes, and download Divi from there.
  • After downloading, navigate to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Themes.
  • Select Add New.
  • Upload the theme from where it has been saved.
  • Click on Install Now> Activate.

You have installed the Divi theme and activated it on your website.


You can find the free Astra version on the WordPress themes directory. You should upgrade your account to get a premium version and explore more creativity.

  • Navigate to the appearance in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Visit Themes.
  • Type and Search ‘Astra’.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Activate the Theme.

You have to download the zipped theme file and upload it from your dashboard in case of direct purchase from the developer’s website.

The installation is easy for both the themes so no comparison on this point.

Divi vs Astra: A/B Testing Performance


The Divi theme provides a split-testing system through which anyone can test their page designs, contents, templates, and whatnot. 

To get access to the split test option, right-click on any element from the page builder and select the split option.


Unfortunately, the Astra theme doesn’t offer a split test option. You can test Astra templates and demos through top builders.

For instance, Elementor has an A/B testing plugin. You can choose an Astra demo site or template that works well with Elementor.

You can carry out the same A/B testing conveniently.

Divi is a win-win category here because it offers a testing system without any third-party page builder. 

Divi vs Astra: Templates


Divi library has 100+ demo sites and 1000+ templates which gives you huge options to select, save, and get them individually. 

You can choose from the 13 categories and view a live demo as well.


The page builders have more than 100-page templates same as the demo sites.

The total number of templates from the four page builders are 1000+. You need to sort through the templates list to get the one you want which is compatible with the page builder. 

Divi vs Astra: SEO

Divi Theme Builder- DIvi vs Astra


The theme’s design is not SEO based but still, it works well.

Divi theme’s inbuilt page builders eat up a lot of JavaScript files, CSS files, and HTTP requests so it takes longer to get load.

The size is reduced by a recent upgrade making all CSS files static CSS files. You can set this from the Theme Options under the builder section.

You can fix other settings from the SEO tab.


Astra’s theme works incredibly well with SEO. Astra is very fast and lightweight making it load in half of a second.

The developers of Astra used Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery.

On testing on major website performance tools, it received a 100% speed grade on Pingdom, 400ms load tome on GTmetrix, 91% on YSlow, and 95% on Google developers.

So, the winner is Astra here as it beats Divi in speed.



It weighs not more than 9 MB. The page builder weighs around 6 MB. Both the theme counts up to 15 MB.


Astra is a feather-light WordPress theme. The file is 1 MB in size. To be precise, it is not more than 998 kb which makes Astra the lightest theme.

It works efficiently for other server resources in less than 50 kb.

Performance of Divi vs Astra

When you consider the speed load to take into account, there is no competition between the two as Astra wins here with a good margin.

When you take starter sites into account, both the themes work almost the same here.

There is not much difference in their performances. Both are performing out of the box if you compare the paid plans of the themes.

If you like to get things done easily without much interference, Divi is for you. If you can manage to do it yourself, save some bucks and want your website to load faster, Astra will be a fairer selection out of the two. 

Divi vs Astra: Pros 


  • In-built page builder
  • Highly responsive to any device.
  • Easy installation process.
  • A/B testing is available.
  • WooCommerce compatibility.
  • 100+ demo sites are available.
  • 24/7 support and proper documentation
  • Add-ons
  • You get everything in a huge number.


  • Easy to install.
  • WooCommerce support.
  • Any device is responsive.
  •  Third-party connections 
  • Extremely SEO-friendly
  • Feather-like lightweight (around 1 MB)
  • 100+ demo sites are available.
  • 1000+ page templates to edit.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Free version to use.

Divi vs Astra: Cons


  • Less SEO-friendly
  • Fewer integrations with builders
  • No free version available.


  • No A/B testing system.
  • No native page builder.
  • More integrations.

On Final Note: Divi vs Astra

Divi and Astra both have unique features and capable of making your website an ideal one.

Divi has a native page builder whereas Astra enables you to work with top page builders on WordPress. 

Divi is not as fast and optimized as Astra.

There are more pricing options to choose from in Astra but this is not the case in Divi.

Astra lacks some ideas like A/B testing but it can be easily filled with other plugins.

Astra after integrating with third-party page builders doesn’t miss out to offer any feature.

Both themes are hugely impressive. Recently, they have tried their best to include more features to enhance the user experience. The competition is head-to-head between them.

If you are still having doubts go and give them a try. 

Take advantage of the money-back guarantee and see what suits you the best.

No matter whichever you choose, it won’t be disappointing.

Make sure you learn to use the tool very well to get the best out of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Divi vs Astra

✅ Is there any upgrade recently in any of the two?

The article is written in August 2020 and everything mentioned here is the latest.

💥Divi takes more loading time. Does it need good storage in the PC to handle it?

No. Nothing as such. It is not as fast as Astra but it doesn’t mean it eats up a lot of storage.

👉How long can we use the free version of Astra?

As long as it goes good with you. If you are satisfied with features, don't bother to purchase new ones. They don't insist you upgrade the versions again and again. At times, a soft remind is sent to you.

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Conclusion: Divi vs Astra 2021 | Who Is The Winner?

Hope this article can clear your doubts and guide you. We tried our best to give accurate information to help you choose the best out of two.

We have explained every possible aspect that could be discussed. In some cases, Divi surpasses Astra while in other cases Astra wins over Divi.

We suggest you not to get confused between the two.

Everything written in the article is well-researched and time-tested. Our motive is not to promote or demote any brand/company. 

You may choose any of the two as per your convenience as both have a unique feature and a huge number of users worldwide.

Thanks for reading. 

Stay connected.

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it's a complete design framework that lets you design and customize every part of your website from the bottom to top. You will have control over everything down to the finest detail. Create the perfect websites for you and your clients.


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