Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2021 | Which is Better to Use? (In-Depth Comparison)

Looking for the right post on Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2021. Here is our detailed comparison on which is a better WordPress theme. Read on.

Right off the bat, let me start this article by asking you a question. Oh, don’t fret! It won’t be Calculus.

If you’ve stumbled on this article, we’d like to believe you dabble in WordPress themes a bit(or maybe, a lot!). Here it goes, which is the most used WordPress theme?

Answer: Divi.

Divi is not only extremely popular but is also the most used WordPress premium theme. The Divi builder is also the customer’s favorite choice close after Beaver builder. It is a user-friendly drag and drops theme and builder from WordPress.

There might be some of you scratching your heads, wanting to ask out loud – “What is the difference between the two?” But you wouldn’t ask, thinking it’s a stupid question.

Bottom Line Upfront: Divi is more than just a WordPress theme, it’s a complete design framework that lets you design and customize every part of your website from the bottom to top. You will have control over everything down to the finest detail. Create the perfect websites for you and your clients. Divi Theme and Divi Builder is both part of Divi but you have to access them differently. Try using Divi to get an understanding of this platform.

Believe us, and it is not. It is a valid question, and most beginners get confused about this. The questions like “Do I need a Divi builder plugin if I have the theme?” or “What is the Divi builder?” are common in the Divi community. We have already done a detailed review of the Divi Theme. Rollover to check the Divi Theme Review complete here.

The lack of information about the plugins and theme can lead to confusion between you and your client. And, we know you do not need an unhappy client on your back. An unhappy client can make a good day into a bad one(a horrible day!). We wouldn’t want that for you.

And which is better? Divi Theme or the Divi Builder? Should you be using the Divi theme for your website or the Divi Builder. Which is the right answer for you? There isn’t a sure shot answer to the question.

But we can make the decision easier by laying out the comparison. Isn’t comparisons one of the best ways to choose the better product for absolutely anything?

So, let’s begin answering all your questions.

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2021: Overview

Let’s compare the Divi Theme vs Divi Builder with an overview first.

Divi Theme

Divi is a WordPress theme making you the master of the design. The article allows you to make the customization of your choice. It may sound unreal, but you get to decide the minuscule details. It helps you create the website in accordance with your client’s vision and gives you room to create and innovate.

Divi Overview- Divi Theme vs Divi Builder

You get to play with the appearance of your website in different sections, header, footer, or sidebar. The theme has the option to design the template for your blog pages and your own personalized logos.

While working with most themes, you need to embed a builder page from the third party. Visual Composer is used to optimizing and delivering these themes. However, this is not the case here. With the Divi theme, Divi Builder comes embedded in the theme. This means you only need to install and activate the theme. That’s it. You’re set. You don’t need to add any builder page separately. The Divi builder is activated as soon as you activate your Divi theme.

Divi Builder

Now, we still can question – if the Divi Theme has Divi Builder embedded, why do we need to compare them? Because it helps us pick the better and understand the technicalities of both our options.

Divi Builder plugin is a drag and drops page builder available to be used with any WordPress theme. It works as an extension for you to add in the WordPress theme to create more original, creative, and complex layouts that are in sync with the idea of your website.

Divi Theme Builder- Divi theme vs Divi builder

Earlier, the functionality was only available with the Divi theme. But, in the year 2015, WordPress launched the Divi Builder as a standalone page builder. The builder started as the backend page builder but is now a full-on front end visual editor.

Divi Builder is the same as Beaver builder but is just better. The extension works well in sync with other WordPress themes. You have to install the page builder, and a purple button will be present to activate the builder for your theme. Activate the builder and make the layouts you want. Also, you can deactivate the builder when not needed.

Note: You don’t have to install Divi builder if you have the Divi theme. 

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: Features

Divi Theme

The Divi Theme is widely recognized for its user-friendly features. With new features and updates releasing every year- user gets fantastic options to improve their sites every time, it isn’t an understatement that some of the features go unnoticed and Divi has provided an amazing option were users have custom made features for increasing productivity and the design. 

  • Customizable:

Customization feature- Divi theme vs Divi Builder

Everything in the Divi theme is customizable. From fonts to colors, and sizing to spacing, everything can be customized. It has the option of applying custom CSS as well. 

  • Easy updates of modification:

Divi provides design instantly, meaning that every change you make in your design is updated in real-time.

  • The choice of multiple layouts:

You can choose to start your design process with 20+ premade layouts present in the builder. 

  • Speed: 

Divi is fast. Very fast! There are no page refreshes and almost zero loading time. 

  • The advantage of Divi Library:

You can save layouts into the library for any other time. It is easy to export, import, share, and download the layouts from the web.

  • Multiple Content elements:

There are content elements available in the Divi. You can use them in any which way you deem fit. 

  • Presence of global elements:

There is a synchronization of global elements. You update them in one place, and they’ll be updated everywhere. This feature works great for the footers. 

  • Responsiveness:

You can test live previews and apply changes to the mobile breakpoints. 

Divi Builder

  • No coding experience needed:

The most loved feature of the Divi builder is the fact that it doesn’t require you to know hard-level coding. Every newbie can start building a WordPress website using the Divi builder easily in just a few days.

  • Drag and Drop feature:

Divi builder allows you to design the pages using a simple drag and drop feature. Save your layouts in the Divi library and keep using them for any other age of your website. 

  • Flexibility and Compatibility:

The Divi Builder amazing option is it can be used in any WordPress theme and it works completely fine, and there won’t be a need to have Divi theme installed. It has no compatibility hang-ups. You can drop Divi builder to any theme and customize it. 

  • Advantage of Modular page builder:

Divi is a modular page builder. It means that you can add your content to the modules and build the pages. These modules can be customized too. 

  • Less worry about shortcodes:

Divi works really great for you in special themes that will rely too much on the shortcodes.

  • Different accessibility features:

The Divi builder provides access to elements such as excerpts, custom fields, etc. In the screen option, you can add a discussion and slug option. You also get the Divi page settings like dot navigation and hide navigation before scroll.

Divi builder has functionality for selecting background colors and static CSS file generation. The Divi builder includes featured image settings and categories and tags too. 

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Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: Price

Divi Theme

Divi Theme basically a premium version. There isn’t a free version of Divi Theme.

Divi Pricing- Divi theme vs Divi Builder

The theme is available for two plans:

  • $89 for a year
  • Another is a one-time lifetime access plan of paying $249.

In both of these plans, you get access to Divi, Extra themes, and plugins like Bloom. The plans also provide theme updates, premium support, and other risk-free guarantees.

As specified earlier, you do not need a Divi builder for the Divi Theme as it is wrapped into the theme. 

What can you do with the Elegant themes membership?

  • Get Divi builder to build websites with both backend and frontend page builders.
  • You get Bloom and Monarch to keep up with the social media and marketing platforms. 
  • Choose to work with WooCommerce websites and build amazing products.
  • Great place to start creating your portfolios. 

Divi Builder

You have to join the Elegant Themes club if you have to use the Divi builder plugin. The prices start from $89/year. In this plan, you get to have access to about 87 themes (including Divi).

Divi builder can be accessed once you have the membership of the Elegant Themes. 

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: Pros & Cons


Divi Theme

  • You get a page builder with the theme. No extra installation is needed.
  • The changes you make aren’t page-specific but are applied unanimously to the basic layout. 
  • You can make changes to the templates and have them reflected everywhere. Anywhere those templates are being used on your website, the changes will be displayed. 

Divi Builder

  • You can choose to work with any of the themes. You can simply install the plugin and get started.
  • The builder isn’t highly verbose and can be easily understood if you’ve worked with WordPress before.
  • You need not have UI/UX experience to start designing with the builder plugin. 
  • The settings here enable split testing. You can test specific modules and compare their effects on the goals. This testing helps you pick the best version.
  • Use the Divi builder with themes like Astra and Elementor, and they make for a great combination


Divi Theme

As long as your choice of theme is Divi, it’s fine. You pick your customized layouts and have no worry about writing codes. The shortcodes are changed. However, if you ever wish to switch your theme, you are in for a surprise.

The content has a good amount of shortcodes, and you have to sit and sift through it. 

Divi Builder

  • A lot of things are going on in the background, which can become overwhelming sometimes. While promoting the builder, so many tools can be a downside to sell to the users.
  • Divi isn’t made for marketing. It is not Customer Relationship Management

Divi Theme vs Divi Builder: The General Emotion in the Audience

There are constantly updated in the theme, and it is a good sign. However, sometimes people do not find the theme as great as it is made to be for the simple reason that there are too many updates. 

As the general sentiment goes, a lot has shifted. The choice of WordPress themes has changed over a period of time. There was a time when people liked Divi a lot, and they still do (Cue: It is one of the most used WordPress themes.). But there have been changes. Subtle changes, but they have happened.

With the introduction of the Divi builder, there has been a shift in the developer community.

Developers are choosing now to use themes of their own choice and integrate the backend Divi builder and front-end visual builder with the theme. 


👉How good is Divi for SEO?

Divi is SEO-friendly. The theme has features making it better for SEO. There have been instances where the builder isn’t exactly in sync with the best SEO. But you can find solutions for it, and they are available quite easily.

👉Is Divi available for free?

A lot of WordPress themes have their freemium version. This freemium version is for users to try the features, layout, and basic functionality. It is a good practice to attract the attention of potential customers. Divi is owned by the company-Elegant Themes. And the company doesn’t have the option of a freemium version. However, Elegant Themes offer a plan. You can purchase the theme - test it, work with it, see if it fits the bill for you. And if it does, great. If it doesn’t, you can simply ask for a return. Elegant themes have 30 days, no questions asked, refund policy.

👉Is Divi worth the money?

Definitely! Divi is a good option for those who had not to have the knowledge of coding but want to be able to create things on their own. The theme has an easy user interface that needs little time to understand. Divi is definitely worth your time and money.

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Conclusion: Divi Theme vs Divi Builder 2021 | Which One You Should Choose?

We hope we have made sure that you understood the real comparison of Divi Theme And Divi Builder. It is evident from the comparison of the very features and benefits provided by both of them.

We can come to the conclusion that the Divi plugin has a builder but with not all the functionalities of the Divi theme. Like the customization of the header section can be done in the theme, but not in the builder.

You get more choices to customize with the theme than the builder.

We can summarise our thoughts about both in the following words:

Divi Theme:

  • Divi builder is in-built in the theme. The user has the option to customize modules and have page layout options.
  • Creating widget areas acts as an addition to the functionality.
  • Divi includes child themes, theme options, and the Divi library.
  • Divi theme allows complete control of the website.

Divi Builder:

  • Divi Builder has the Divi layouts and library.
  • It is perfect for when you are using a different theme but want Divi as the page builder.

Between the theme and builder, both are good and yield great results. But it comes down to what you want. If you are using a theme other than Divi, the Divi Builder can be a great choice as a page builder.

It is incredibly efficient and easy to work with.

But our opinion would be to choose the Divi theme as it has more functionality even if it is only slightly higher than the builder.

Hope you have liked our comparison on Divi Theme vs Divi Builder and would love to share it on social media as well.

Between the theme and builder, both are good and yield great results. But it comes down to what you want. If you are using a theme other than Divi, the Divi Builder can be a great choice as a page builder.


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