Greetings folks.

This is Catarina Higgs and the creator of this website. However, first I’ll start with a small introduction of me.

Catarina Higgs

I am a WordPress Developer and have experience in managing both the front as well as the back end of the website. One of my responsibilities is to make a website that is both easy to use and yet aesthetically beautiful.

I am also an active contributor in other projects such as: AffiliateBay GizmoBaseWPCrewDesignSkewCrazyThemes, and Expert Hoot.

Amongst the wide range of themes that are available for WordPress, one of the most astounding themes I came across is Divi. Divi is an incredible visual editor that comes with an astonishing design and is super easy to use.

The motivation behind the creation of this website is to guide you completely through the theme. Here you will find everything about the website regarding the details like the features and installation process.

You will find all the answers in just one spot, making it easy for you to solve your queries regarding the theme.

Being a professional myself, I have attempted to cover each and every aspect of the Divi theme on this website. At the same time, doing that, I have also tried to maintain the simplicity of the content so that it does not get too technical and tough to digest.

As for now, on this website, I am posting in all the information I come across on this theme but will soon be shifting the paradigm to reviewing and posting about other products and services as well as platforms.

You will also find suggestions, promotions, and endorsements regarding various services and products.

If you wish to get a product, service, or platform reviewed or want to know more about any of the products, platforms, and services that I have reviewed before, you can simply contact by hitting the contact us tab. You will get a speedy response from my end.